ArkDes shows a forgotten treasure of unique furniture

By on July 4, 2017

For the first time since the 1960s gather the handicraft collective HI group’s furniture in an exhibition. It today nearest mythical group received great attention during the decade it was operating. Now, ArkDes tells the forgotten story of some designers who chose to go against the current stream of series-made furniture in the 1960s. The HI group exhibition – craft in the plastic age, besides archive and photo material from ArkDes collections, also includes unique craft furniture and prototypes.

The HI group was formed in the 1960s and consisted of designers like Åke Axelsson, Hans Johansson and John Kandell, but also craftsmen and interior designers. The purpose of the association was to bring together interior designers and furniture designers early in the creative process. Here, there should be an opportunity to experiment without having to think about industry requirements. But there was also a place to develop prototypes for industrial manufacturing. At the same time, the initiative was a reaction at a time when the Danes dominated the production of craft furniture. Even Sweden can, was the underlying message.

In connection with the opening of the exhibition, the book HI Group and the craft’s return will be released in collaboration with Carlsson book publisher. The book is written by Johan Örn, curator at ArkDes, and is also the basis for the exhibition.

– The HI Group sought to renew the Swedish furniture art and again put the craftsmanship in center. In ArkDe’s collections there are unique photographs of the HI group’s furniture by Sune Sundahl, which will be displayed, says Johan Örn, curator at ArkDes.

The initiative to form the group was taken by the interior designer Stig Lönngren. When the group was the largest, it consisted of sixteen members: the interior designers Åke Axelsson, Hans Johansson, John Kandell, Erik Karlström, Hans Kempe, Thea Leonhard, Lars-Erik Ljunglöf, Stig Lönngren and Stig Åke Nordell. The carpenter masters Anders Berglund, Lars Larsson, Erik Lindgren and David Sjölinder, and also upholstery masters Gösta Engström and Åke Nilsson. Holger Johansson was the team’s plater master.

Exhibition period: September 13 – November 19, 2017.

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