Arctic Elegance: launch of the scent of midnight sun to her

By on June 24, 2018

The perfumes from Scents from Norra Norrland AB are made with feelings and expressions from the northern part of Sweden, the oils are of the highest quality and specially selected to last for a full day.

During July, the latest of our fragrances will be launched: Arctic Elegance. What does a perfume mean to you? What does Nordic part of Sweden mean to you? With Arctic Elegance we want to emphasize the floral and summery feeling of the lukewarm, sunny summer nights.

Lily of the Valley, White tea, Roses, Black currant and a touch of Bergamot together with Amber and Sandalwood create the body of Arctic Elegance. Together, an exclusive and elegant character is created!

The bottle and the cork depict the Arctic silhouette. It is just as multifaceted as the carrier of the perfume.

Like the Scent of Aurora and The Pearl, Arctic Elegance is dedicated. Inspiration is taken from the summer town of Piteå, a town in northern Sweden that in every way blossoms with the spring sun. Sunlight develops an intense period that allows nature and people to flourish with each other.

Arctic Elegance is created with the beautiful 
northern place of Piteå in mind. 
The Scent will remind you of long bright summer nights 
filled with joy and harmony.

Come dance with me.

You will find Arctic Elegance from Northern Norway here –

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