Architects redraws Skeppsbron

By on April 15, 2019

In the exhibition Architecture Visions: Skeppsbron, eight architects and architectural offices have created outstanding and large-scale drawings and models of speculative proposals for a future Skeppsbron and Skeppsbrokajen in Stockholm. The purpose of the exhibition is to inspire by giving Swedish architecture an arena for speculation and creativity that is not hampered by the limitations that are otherwise common in architectural projects.

The exhibition opens on April 26 at 6 pm with an open opening and runs until June 9.

– In order to rediscover the visionary creativity that we know exists within the architectural profession, artistic and cultural aspects must be highlighted in the public conversation about the architecture. ArkDes is the obvious place for it and the monumental and beautiful drawings in this exhibition have convinced me of what unprecedented depths exist in the Swedish architecture. At ArkDes we believe that the imagination can help us think in new paths around the city’s most valuable and fragile places. In this project, we have had the privilege of working with eight extremely talented Stockholm architects and we look forward to forthcoming speculations about places in other cities in the country, says Kieran Long, superintendent on ArkDes.

Historically, this long quay has been an important commercial center and Skeppsbro’s facades still constitute one of the strongest images of the capital. But it is at the same time an under-utilized urban space dominated by parking spaces. With this project we want to start a discussion about possible scenarios for the symbolically important public space that the Skeppsbron is.

The purpose of the exhibition is also to highlight the skill and artistic working methods of these eight talented architects.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Gamla Stan