AQUANAUTS with Circus Cirkör in poetic show about love

By on April 28, 2018

During Stockholm’s Culture Festival, synchronized swimming and new circus are mixed in a unique, colorful show in the middle of Strömmen in city. A total of 50 artists interpret the love in a performance in and above the water between the Royal Opera and Stockholm Castle. The show will be displayed every evening during the festival week.

The performance is presented in cooperation with the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, which for several years has created spectacular events together with the Stockholm Culture Festival.

– Culture plays a role in attracting a city’s attractiveness and growth. It affects visitors and us who live here. A unique, spectacular and accessible performance such as this, in the middle of Strömmen in city, is a kind of cultural element that Stockholm needs more of, says Maria Rankka, CEO of Stockholm Chamber of Commerce.

AQUANAUTS and Cirkus Cirkör have been working on the dream project for a large show in, around and above water for several years. A show about love and respect. After years of testing and pilot performances, it’s finally time to meet the home crowd. In “Love Will Conquer All”, visitors are invited to the Aquanauts universe and the encounter with these sexless, silver shining, love mutated creatures.

– We want to give the visitor a deeper sense of togetherness. That we all belong together. That we are all interconnected. Aquanauts are driven by love and respect for all living. We are all Aquanauts if we scrape all layers of social constructions. The story of the Aquanauts is the story of all of us, says Pompe Hedengren, artistic director of AQUANAUTS.

– We will walk on water, fly in the air and mix swinging fireball with the world’s largest synchronized swimming formations, it will be pyrotechnics, acrobatics and high diving in one of the world’s most beautiful water cities. For 20 years I have dreamed of realizing a performance in the water between the castle and the opera. At last, the dream becomes reality, says Jesper Nikolajeff from Circus Cirkör, director of Aquanauts.

“Love Will Conquer All” is given during the Culture Festival every evening, and is aimed at anyone regardless of age or language. When Aquanauts takes over Strömmen it’s with 30 artists, 10 circus artists, a 50 meter high crane and 10 pyro-canoeists.

AQUANAUTS with Circus Cirkör at Stockholm Culture Festival 2018
Where: Strömmen, between the Royal Opera and Stockholm Castle
When: 14-18 August
Time: 21.45
How: Free entrance!

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Stockholm