“Anywhere You Go” with Boris René

By on June 19, 2017

Pop star Boris René has put his career as a football pro aside and is now back with the new single “Anywhere You Go”. A song that combines elements from pop, soul and the club world. The song is sequel to the platinum single “Put Your Love On Me” and the gold single “Her Kiss”.

“Anywhere You Go” is written by Boris René, Tobias Lundgren and Tim Larsson. It’s a playful song about being there and making sacrifices for someone, instead of always relying on others to be there for you.

When we ask Boris about what he wants to say with the new single, he smiles broadly and says:
”Make sure to be there for your loved ones”.

Boris René had an incredibly promising career as a football pro but got his big break as an artist in 2016 and decided to change his opinion completely, he burned more for the music. Tobias Lundgren and Tim Larsson discovered the singing football pro and shortly thereafter Boris was in the Melodifestival for the first time. Today Boris lives on the music and spend the days either in the studio or touring the country.

Listen to “Anywhere You Go” here >>

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