Announcing Swift & Fika

By on June 24, 2018
Swift & Fika will take place at Norra Latin in central Stockholm.

Announcing Swift & Fika – Stockholm’s First Ever Swift and iOS Developer Conference!

Swift & Fika will take place in Stockholm on the 9th and 10th of September 2018 as the first ever Swift and iOS international developer conference to be organized in Stockholm.

The conference is organized by active community members Alek Åström and Reda Lemedenwith the help of local volunteers. Alek is Head of Mobile at Dooer and the current organizer of CocoaHeads Stockholm, one of the largest iOS meet-ups in Europe. Reda Lemeden is Head of Design at Kaching and an avid Swift developer who has been running community events such as STHLM.swift and NSCoder Night.

Driven by passion and the desire to create an exemplary local community, Alek and Reda set to start a Swift and iOS conference in Stockholm that can rival those taking place in other European cities such as Berlin and Paris.

“Since I moved to Stockholm in 2013, I’ve been longing for an iOS conference to mark Stockholm on the map for mobile developers around the world. With the current popularity of Swift and iOS development, there’s no better time to get this ball rolling.”
— Reda

“People in the international community have been asking us about an event in Stockholm for years. Finally we can present our beautiful capital and show what makes it the success factory it has become.”
— Alek

The conference will kick off with a day of social and cultural activities that attendees can partake in, both indoors and outdoors. A bike ride around Stockholm and a museum visit are in the program.

On the second day, attendees will flock to Norra Latin, a historical venue that served as a school for over a century before it was turned into a conference space. The venue will host a full-day single speaker track that will feature a series of talks prepared by some of the most prominent names in the international app developer community.

“Sweden has a long tradition of technical innovation, and I’m looking forward to seeing all the awesome things the Swift community in Stockholm has been working on.”
— Paul Hudson, Book Author & Swift Speaker based in the UK.

The goal of Swift & Fika is twofold;

  • Create a melting pot for Swift and iOS developers in Sweden and give the community a local event to look forward to to expand their network and knowledge through a series of hand-picked talks performed by top-speakers from all around the world.
  • Introduce the city of Stockholm to international attendees both as a cultural and professional destination.

Swift & Fika will also offer the opportunity for Stockholm-based companies and startups to sponsor the conference and help attract international developer talent to the capital. As Platinum sponsors, iZettle and Qvik will be helping to bring the conference to life alongside other sponsors based in the capital.

“Sweden is a breeding ground for successful tech companies and start ups, and we’re really excited to sponsor the first ever Swift & iOS international developer conference in Stockholm. Bringing the global community together to share knowledge and expertise, attendees will get a chance to network and hear from some of the top speakers in the industry, whilst enjoying our beautiful capital.”
— Anne-Marie Andric, Chief HR Officer, iZettle, Platinum Sponsor.

“Empowering developers with new knowledge and networks have been one our top priorities in Finland for years. Now that we are expanding our operations to Sweden it was clear that we do the same here and there isn’t better way to start than Swift & Fika.”
— Lari Tuominen, Chief Executive Officer, Qvik, Platinum Sponsor.

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