Anna Vnuk direct debuts at Dramaten with Kungligaste teatern

By on February 23, 2018
Therese Öhrvall

In Anna Vnuk’s newly written Kungligaste teatern, Julia getting lost on the big theater and ends up in a dramatic spectacle. The main role is made by Nina Rashid, who got the role through an audition. Premiere at Lejonkulan, Unga Dramaten, March 8th.

Julia knows nothing about theater – more than that she loves the imagination, how to pretend becomes for real. When she is alone in her room, she is dreaming out and watching YouTube clips from Kristina from Duvemåla. But Julia longs to see the actors’ faces close together, being in the room together. Can you create a new world when the real is too hard?

When she goes to the most famous theater, she finds Dramaten, the royal theater. She decides to go there, get lost and end up in a rehearsal. There is a queen and a prince in full relief and Julia is drawn into a theater play like no other.

– I want to make a play that invites to the theater. Fade down the threshold to the theater art, and invite ourselves. We who stand on, behind and on the side of the stage. We are both pounding hearts and workers in the theater service and sometimes we are the person who has a bad day at work. And so it’s about the audience, all the Julians out there, without you we are nothing, says Anna Vnuk.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm