Anita Hedin, textile pictures, March 16 – April 4

By on February 19, 2019

Anita has been working with textile art for almost 50 years. She is self-taught.

Lives and works in Kalmar, summer season on Öland,
where she also have a studio and gallery.

Nature is the primary source of inspiration.
Especially the alpine landscape where they also live half the year.

The textile material has always fascinated her and early on she started to “paint” with needle and thread.

To find the light in the pictures she take advantage of the random shifts that her batik dyed fabrics gives. She cut and needle a composition that she then sew ready on the sewing machine.

It feels both fun and challenging to work with textile applications whose limitations promote simple and pure expressions.

Like a painting artist who creates her pictures with paint and brush she do it with thread and sewing machine.

She have had a lot of exhibitions over the years
and a number of embellishments.

Götgatan 63
116 21 Stockholm
Tel +46 8 641 66 08
Open: Mon-Fri 11-18, Sat 11-16, Sun 12-16

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