Ane Brun puts the tour end at Gröna Lund

By on February 10, 2017

She has released albums since 2003, has a loyal audience throughout Scandinavia and draws full houses in Europe. But she has never had her own concert at Gröna Lund. On August 31 finishes Ane Brun her “Directions Tour” by making her first concert at the carnival’s Main Stage.

The Norwegian music miracle Ane Brun released her first album “Spending Time With Morgan” in 2003, during a time when it swarmed with boys and girls with acoustic guitars, and everyone would be releasing their own records. Most of them are now just a parenthesis in the history of music, while others have become successful. Ane Brun is definitely one of the latter. Over the years, she has not only gained a loyal audience here in Scandinavia, she also draws full houses in many parts of Europe. Her sixth and latest studio album “When I’m Free” came in 2015 and was followed by a tour that lasted ever since. On 31 August at 20:00 she concludes the tour, by also making her first concert at the Gröna Lund’s Main Stage.

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