Ane Brun gives two exclusive concerts on Dramaten

By on September 11, 2017
Ane Brun

Ane Brun plays on Dramatens little stage in the scenography to Ensam on 19 and 20 October. On the track list is a series of covers – especially from the upcoming album Leave me breathless.

On Leave me breathless, released on October 6, are songs from artists such as Bob Dylan, Sade and Radiohead are featured, with emphasis on love songs.

– I’m very excited to play the songs from the disc Leave me breathless on Dramaten! It feels perfect to perform covers just on a theater scene, where thet interpret other’s work every day, says Ane Brun.

– I play with a small ensemble of musicians, and it will be moodful. In addition to the songs from the new album, I will also play some other favorite covers from my career. The concerts at Dramaten are exclusive performances, these are the only concerts I make with this material this year.

The work of the album Leave me breathless started with a infatuation.

– The whole project started with that I fell for a humanbeing. I recorded covers of these songs for this person because, in honesty, I was overwhelmed with emotions.

– The love store was short, but when it was over, I continued my work when I felt that there was a quality in the songs that were ready. The origin idea was to interpret love songs, romantic songs. It did not matter if they were sad or happy. In the end, it came with some songs with other themes as well. The concept was to simplify or interpret emotional songs in my own way.

The concerts take place in the scenography to Jenny Andreasson’s Ensam by Alfhild Agrell, including Thérèse Brunnander and Karin Franz Körlof in the roles, which premiered on September 2.

Ane Brun – song and guitar
Josefin Runsteen – violin, percussion, keyboard & choir
Johan Graden – keyboard & choir
Johan Lindström – guitar, keyboard & choir

The concert is organized in the framework of Dramaten &.

Little stage on 19 and 20 October, at 19

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