Andreas T Olsson in a new written monologue by Niklas Rådström

By on October 7, 2017

What is the point of life if its only goal is that we will die once? In Niklas Rådström’s newly written monologue, about life and how it ends, comic fancy, overwhelming twists and poetic fantasy are included. For direction stands Stefan Metz. Premiere November 17th at Målarsalen.

“And so rush death up into the doorway from the room of the future that holds everything never done.”
(From the play).

– The first existential question we people ask is often: What is the meaning when we will still die? I still remember when the wonder came to me in the age of ten. This wonderful life given us and this rich world to discover, just to be taken away from us. So what’s the meaning really? says Niklas Rådström about his text.

– Niklas monologue is one of the most beautiful and most painful I have ever read. It is a both tender and angry text that with death-destructive humor goes into dialogue with eternity, says Andreas T Olsson, who participates on the stage.

At which venue is playing really our lives? Are we on a crime scene, swallowed by a whale or on a theater scene in the world? And how do we actually end our life stories, with a thunderstorm or a sigh?

Andreas T Olsson right now novel current with Sista gästen, got his breakthrough with the monologue Sufflören and is the permanent leader of the public success Improvisation at the castle. He now presents this newly written monologue by Niklas Rådström who, with humor, poetry and playful seriously, revolves around the only real crucial question of life: what is the meaning of everything?

By Niklas Rådström
With Andreas T Olsson
Director Stefan Metz
Scenography and costume Magdalena Åberg
Lighting design Magnus Andersson

First performance November 17th at Målarsalen

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm