Anders Wall’s Confidencen scholarship to baritone

By on March 2, 2017

Ludvig Wallmark Ryberg (b. 1992) from Umeå has been awarded one of this year’s two Confidencen scholarships of SEK 100,000. Ludvig is baritone and studying third year at the Opera university candidate programs.

Ludvig grew up in a home with lots of music, but not opera and classical. Ludvigs’ father played big band jazz, and both parents sang in choir. In junior high school was Ludvig a guitarist in a rock band and dreamed of becoming a musician, but singing didn’t he do until the ninth grade.

On the aesthetic high school program in Umeå became it tenor banjo, clarinet and singing in a jazz quintet. A fascination for really low bass singer became the first contact with the world of opera and an singing teacher with Opera background strengthened the interest.

– I tried to sing pop, but it did not feel as if my voice fitted in. In contrast, classical music worked well, says Ludvig.

After high school, Louis moved to Stockholm. He went a year at the Junior Academy and one year at Birkagården folk high school before he 2013 searched to Opera university candidate programs and came in on the first attempt. The plan is to continue at the master program.

– Confidence scholarship also means financial freedom to be able to apply for the teachers you want, buy sheet music and travel to continue to develop, he says.

Ludvig has already made several solo performances, including the first performance in 2014 by Joakim Andersson’s St John Passion in St. Jacobs church which he sings again this year in Gävle. He likes romantic music, especially Verdi and Puccini. Singer role models are Ingvar Wixell, Jorma Hynninen and Jon Vickers.

Ludvig believes in the opera’s own inherent power and think that you sometimes too much trying to simplify and customize it to fit a wider audience.

– Opera is opera and at it’s best, will people like it anyway, which live broadcasts from the Metropolitan shows. Then you get to realize that not everyone can love opera, just as not everyone loves biathlon.

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