Ancient Greece and the theater – a collaboration between the Mediterranean Museum and Dramaten

By on November 12, 2017

Views with empathy
With two stoop in November on the theme of theater respective the woman in Attica, antiquity is presented in an innovative way in two special exhibitions at the Mediterranean museum. Actors from Dramaten’s performances read selected monologues from the dramas on both occasions.

Tuesday 14 Nov at 15.30 Mediterranean museum, free entrance
Theater has existed longer than you could think, but how was the theater in ancient Athens and what role did it play in the democratic society that grew up in classical times? What can we read and what does it tell us? The show is led by pedagogue Fredrik Helander and monologue of dramaten actor Hannes Meidal.

Tuesday 28 Nov at 15.30 The Mediterranean Museum, free entrance
Sofokles Antigone questions and opposes current traditions. What was the role of the woman and what were her conditions? The museum’s educator Dimitra Polidis leads us into the complicated world of ancient times and gives examples of women’s limitations and opportunities. Actor Rasmus Luthander introduces the show with a monologue from the Oidipus/Antigone Exhibition.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm