An nonalcoholic October starting to become a habit – for more and more

By on September 26, 2016
On 1 October, it’s time for the fifth round of the public health campaign Sober October which since its inception in Skellefteå in 2012 spread across the country. Under the slogan Drink lessdiscover more” continuing campaign to encourage people to in a month to abstain from alcohol, without lecturing but with the hope that even more people to discover the benefits of a reduced alcohol intake.

The observant may have noticed that a more general questioning of alcohol norm has been reflected in public debate. More and more restaurants and bars have a growing range of quality beer and wine without alcohol and so-called mocktails – alcohol-free drinks – has become something of a hallmark for bars with self-respect. During the music festival Way Out West in Gothenburg this year let the organizers also the largest central bar in the area only offer drinks without alcohol.

Questioning of the norm of alcohol has increased in recent years. I hope Sober October have contributed to it. And will continue to contribute. It is not just about abstaining from alcohol but rather to discover what is happening and how life will be if you do not drink alcohol, says Anders Westermark, initiator of the Sober October and CEO of Norran.

Sober October is not about making people to abstainers or create a bad conscience by moral lecturing. Ever since the initiative was taken by the media house Norran 2012, the aim has rather been to create a discussion of how and why we drink. And at the same time provide inspiration for what you can do instead. Thanks to social media, the campaign has received much attention over the country and several municipalities around the country have started the campaign on home soil.

– The interest continues, and it is incredibly exciting to see that the campaign has spread to other parts of the country. More and more people realize the importance of reflecting on how and why we actually drink and after the summer and holidays, the question becomes extra current. To then take an alcohol free month under Sober October hopefully increase motivation, says Anders Westermark.

Sober October is a collaboration between Norran NBV, Skellefteå Kraft, Skellefteå Municipality, Umeå Municipality, VK and Sandviken Municipality.

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