An incredible combination of female Swedish operas stars directed by the internationally acclaimed Simone Young

By on December 18, 2017
Chris Cloag

The three leading roles in Elektra belong to the opera repertoire’s most demanding parties. Here we hear the internationally acclaimed sopranoes Iréne Theorin and Katarina Dalayman as well as the new star shot Cornelia Beskow. Musical leader is World Conductor Simone Young, who attends the Royal Opera for the first time. Richard Strauss Elektra has new premiere the 10th of January at the Royal Operaian’s big stage. Only playes 7 times.

Simone Young belongs to the absolute top of the world among conductors. She has directed in several of the world’s leading opera houses and symphony orchestras and is awarded numerous awards. From the German magazine Opernwelt, she has been nominated for the 2006 conductor of the year and was 2011-15 chief executive for the Hamburg Opera and Hamburg Philharmonic Orchestra.

Iréne Theorin regularly performs on the biggest opera senses, making Elektra a long-awaited guest game in one of her parade roles. Katarina Dalayman who sang Elektra at the 2009 premiere, is now returning as Klytaimnestra. Cornelia Beskow, who received a major breakthrough this year as Sieglinde in the Operan ring set, won four first prizes in the Lauritz Melchior International Singing Competition, a competition for young Wagner singers in November.

The set is signed by director Staffan Valdemar Holm, who performed the prized Nibelungens Ring på Operan, played earlier this year. The artistic team also includes Holm’s partner Bente Lykke Möller (scenography and costume) and Torben Lendorph (light design).

Elektra had a first preformance in Dresden in 1909. It is a work that takes the breath out of the audience with its thrilling drama about the woman obsessed with revenge on her father’s murder. The story, based on Sofoklass’s classic tragedy, is a razor-sharp study of female rage, but also a moving depiction of a young woman in free fall. An emotional highway in blood and disaster, and with an intensity that is the highest from first to last. Strauss Elektra leaves no one unmoved.

Press quote from the 2009 premiere:
“World class”. DN
“Brilliant Elektra on life and death”. SR, Kulturnytt
“Elektra deservs the audience’s ovation”. SvD
“Masterfully made, performed and formed”. Aftonbladet

Postmortem in Brasseriet January 10 at 21:00 to 22:00
Meet the evening soloists Iréne Theorin, Katarina Dalayman and Cornelia Beskow in an intimate and heartily postmortem in the Brasseriet. A unique opportunity to hear about life as an international opera star and as a promising newcomer. Follow behind the scenes and gain insight into the musical and scenic and unravel how the stars actually do to get together the life on stage with reality. The talk is led by Katarina Aronsson, the Royal Operas dramaturg.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm