An evening about adventure at the Mediterranean Museum!

By on October 17, 2017

Why is “traveling” our most common hobby? We speak adventure lust, dreams of the undiscovered, to overcome obstacles and put new places on the map. What do the old discoveries share with contemporary adventurers? This evening, the museum is hosted by Emil Sergel – an adventurer in its true sense and the urbane archaeologist Richard Holmgren. Together, we analyze the human adventure lust. The talk is led by Karin Wästfelt at the World Culture Museums.

Where: The Mediterranean Museum, Stockholm
Price: 80kr

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Emil Sergel is a freelance filmmaker and has produced adventure documentaries for, among other things, SVT. Through the camera lens he has experienced mountain climbing in the Himalayas, deep sea records in the Red Sea, expeditions in polar areas and close encounter with sharks in Mozambique.

Archaeologist Richard Holmgren has traveled to all corners of the earth for new discoveries. Since the early 90’s, Richard has taken various excavations, including in The Valley of the Kings in Egypt, and in Petra in Jordan.

In the show that is included in the evening, we will learn some other discoveries that are linked to the Mediterranean Museum’s collections.

Welcome to an evening where we focus on the adventure – what’s left to discover out there?

Begin your Friday with a glass in the museum’s bar and cafe Baghdad cafe.

Please stay on the popular music quiz that ends the evening with questions on the theme of adventure!

Doors open at 18.30
Talk at 19:00
Display at 20.00
Music Quiz at 21.00

One night about …

… is a program theme where you can enjoy conversations, views, bars and music. The autumn of the Mediterranean Museum offers themes of marathon, adventure and beard. Every evening ends with a music quiz in Baghdad café where music is based on the theme of the evening. Appropriate price promised!

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Stockholm