An artful detective riddle on Dramatens big stage

By on October 6, 2018

The 20th of October is the first performance on it for Dramaten special written play LasseMaja and Hamlet Mystery, about Lasse and Maja from the popular book series LasseMaja’s detective agency. The play’s mystery is about a missing royal crown, which plays a major role in the play’s play Hamlet, which will be set up at Valleby’s own theater house Dramaten. An all-evening performance for the whole family of singing and music and crazy antics. Jonna Nordenskiöld directs the play as she wrote in collaboration with the book series author Martin Widmark.

Lasse and Maja have taken time of from the detective agency to help museum director Barbro to set up Hamlet. When the rehearsals are going on as best in front of the premiere at the evening, they ask Barbro if the priest could play the ghost. The priest must quickly get into the act and, with the help of all the actors, get the whole play explained to him. In the midst of all this, they suddenly discover that the King’s crown has disappeared. Who has taken it? With the help of the audience, the detective duo must now, before the curtain goes down, find out who seized the desirable crown.

LasseMaja and Hamlet Mystery will be a new case for LasseMaja’s detective agency to solve. A clever performance that assumes that the audience has rubbed their brains properly.

Jonna Nordenskiöld is a dramatist, director and author. Her plays have been played at a number of theaters in Sweden and abroad and she has received several awards and distinctions, including Deutscher Kindertheaterpreis for Jonna Ponna!, and the Swedish Theater Critics Association’s Children’s and Youth Theater Prize. Jonna Nordenskiöld has also written children’s books, opera libretto and plays for Sveriges Television.

A production from Unga Dramaten in collaboration with Blixten & Co. Recommended from 7 years. The set will go out on Swedish Tour in the fall of 2019.

LasseMaja and the Hamlet Mystery, first performance October 20, The Big Stage.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm