An active sport holiday at Skansen in Stockholm

By on February 20, 2018
Pernille Tofte

On the sport holiday you can go skating with a view of Stockholm, grilling sausage and drinking hot chocolate. There will be skating school and skating disco one hour each weekday and longer disco during the weekends. In Bragehallen, the open circus school is open every day on the sports holiday except Sundays when it is instead a circus show with Cirkus Skansen.

Sport holiday program at Skansen

Skating, sausage grill, sledge or stilts
Here you can go skating on an illuminated skating rink to atmospheric music. On site there is the possibility of renting skates and borrowing a helmet. You can also grill sausage over the fire – bring your own sausage or buy on site. Price 15 kr incl stick and bread. If weather permits, there are also kicks, sledge and skis to try, or else we take forward stilts, barrel hoop.
Every day at 10-16 on Sollidenplan.

Skating school
Instructors from Djurgårdens IF Figure skating shows how you skate the best.
The skating school is aimed at children aged 4 years and over. Sollidenplan’s ice rink weekdays at 11-12.

Skating disco
With funky beats and light loops that light up.
Fridays at 12-13 and weekends at 11-13 on Sollidenplans ice rink.

Lill-Skansen – children’s own zoo
Display of the animal of the day at 13. Lill-Skansen is open at 10-16

New favorites at the Skansen Aquarium
Our new favorites dwarf mungos will be fed at 14
The pat and hug’s corner is open with the boa snake Snoddas and the spider Imse. Skansen-Akvariet weekdays at 10-16 and weekends at 10-17. Separate entrance hall.

Visit in Skogsarbetarkojan
Come and see how the forest workers lived 100 years ago.
The 3/3 at 12-14 you can meet Skogsmulle! Skogsarbetarkojan at 10-16

Sporty in the 1930s
The open-air family in Hardware store residence prepares the food bag for the skating rink at 10-16.

Shopping in the 1930s
The Konsum store and Hardware store will be open at 10-16.

Try on carving and Animals in winter
Be sure to try out carving, knowledgeable tutors are on hand to help. See the exhibition Animals in the winter or enjoy the book corner.
The forest house at 10-16

Listen to fairy tales and stories in front of the fire
Enter the heat and listen to Marianne Engström who tells to small and big. Bollnäs cottage at 11-15

Pony rides
Riding trips for children (50 kr / trip) From Bredablick at 12-15

Drive with horse and cart/sled for children and adults at a suitable weather (40 kr / trip). Free for children under 2 years of age in the paying adult company. From Bollnestorget at 13

What happens at the animals?
12.30 Talk about the reindeer, in English, at the Reindeer enclosure.
13 Today’s animal at Lill-Skansen.
13.30 Talking about visent, at Visenthagen.
14 Feed and talk about seal, at the upper Sälbassängen.

Fish smoking and broil of Baltic herring
Janssons from Ornö is at the fish smoker. Bird Dams / Bollnestorget weekends at 11-16.

Open circus school
Try different circus branches under the direction of real circus artists. Fits all ages. Bragehallen February 24, February 26 – March 3 at 11-16.

Circus Skansen
Join Circus Director Señorita Felice and her young star shot on a magical journey in the world of circus. Tickets children 2-15 years 30 kr, adult 50 kr, sold in the main entrance and in Skansenbutiken at Lill-Skansen. Bragehallen Sundays at 13 and 15.

Open restaurants under the sports holiday

Skansen Terrace sets up a delicious pancake buffet, serves hot coffee and chocolate drinks, lunch and coffee for the whole family. 11-16

Restauration Gubbhyllan offers savory food made from good ingredients. 10-16

Café Petissan has home-made cakes, sandwiches and waffles in the small cafe in the city quarter. Fridays at 11-15 and weekends at 11-16.

Café Nyloftet serves soup, sandwiches, hot and cold drinks. Fridays at 11-15 and weekends at 11-16.

Packed lunch you can eat inside Paviljong Matsäcken at Solliden Restaurant, at Orsakullen, on Sollidenplanen and in Torslunden.

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Stockholm