ALS-gala 2-3 juni

By on April 22, 2018

On June 2nd, Susie Päivärinta and Djurönäset will arrange Galan against ALS together with Neuroförbundet and the association STOP ALS.

The collected funds, including all ticket revenues, go to a new clinical treatment center at Karolinska Hospital Huddinge and family support.

Susie Päivärinta says; When a close friend got ALS this fall and I heard his story, I became both angry and very sad about how he was treated by the medical care. You feel powerless as a friend and unfortunately I have now seen the need for many sick and relatives to highlight this fatal disease. The goal with the gala is to get more focus and support for the sick and relatives as well as to drive the research forward.

Throughout the weekend on 2-3 June, you will be able to enjoy Djurönäs facilities like good treatments, nice mingling and have a good dinner and a gala filled with love, hope and joy.

All involved – Conferences, artists, technicians, locations, etc. sets up for free and the purpose is to contribute to the collection of the 1.5 million kronor needed to enable the initiation and operation of a Clinical Treatment Center for ALS patients at Karolinska Hospital in Huddinge, ALS Treatment Center Karolinska.

Catrine Furubom, Event Manager at Djurönäset says; By arranging this gala we hope on good with attention for the disease and also a real boost to research to stop ALS.

The gala is led by Suzanne Axell from Fråga Doktorn. A lovely bunch of artists, such as Bröderna Rongedal, Lili & Susie, Tone Norum, Richard Herrey, Robert Hoffman, Suzzie Tapper, Gladys Del Pilar, the choir Gladness. All artists will be comparand by one of Sweden’s best live bands, The Playboys. Some of Sweden’s leading researchers and doctors around ALS will be in place as well as inspirational health team.

Different variants of tickets, with or without overnight at Djurönäset, can be purchased here>>

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Djurhamn