“Allting ordnar sig” with Viktor Frisk

By on April 9, 2017

When Viktor Frisk at the age of seventeen were diagnosed, many pieces of the puzzle fell into place, but it was also a real eye-opener. ADHD is often associated with something negative, illness and stress. You are classified as hard, annoying and can often hear that you are stupid.

For Victor, the diagnosis has opened unexpected doors and his ADHD has become an additional engine. Last Friday, he released his first solo song “Allting ordnar sig,” a song where he talks about how he managed to turn the ADHD diagnosis into a personal super power.

– I’m sick glad to release a song to all who struggle daily with themselves and their diagnosis, said Viktor. I really hope my song will help people to understand that everything will be fine with time and that no one is alone.

Viktor Frisk has together with Samir Badran, under the name of Samir & Viktor, had big hits in recent years with the songs “Success”, “Groupie”, “Saxofuckingfon” and “Bada Nakna” – the latter was # 1 on Spotify. Their songs, together streamed over 100 million times on Spotify, and the last two years they have stood for the summer’s big hits.

Viktor has hundreds of thousands of followers on his various platforms and have had enormous impact when he talked openly about his ADHD. Last Wednesday, he released the book “Min superkraft! har jag lärt mig älska min struliga ADHD,” which already is No. 3 on the charts.

Listen to ”Allting ordnar sig” here >>.

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