Allan Larson, photography, May 6 to 25

By on March 14, 2017

A Herbarium is a collection of dried plants.
The name of my picture series “Herbarium Digitalis”, suggesting that there is a “digital herbarium”

I have worked with my flowers since 1999 and has, simply put, collected plants in a scanner and then process them in my digital darkroom. The flowers are thus not imaged with a camera on traditional photographic path. Is the images perhaps a kind of “un-photographed” photographs?

Many of the images consists of up to 30-40 different layers of flowers and other plant parts.
To provide a sense of depth and perspective are some stocks in focus, others in blur.
The images are printed on the materials that make them resistant to aging to be preserved for the future. Just as the flowers in a herbarium

“Digitalis” is, except that the word is part of my little pun in the title of my series, also the latin name of the foxglove.
Beg, make or grow. This is how I go about collecting my plants. When the flowers are at their best I select the ones I want to work with and which I later incorporates as a complete picture in my Herbarium Digitalis.

The goal and the thought of my pictures is that I hope to offer an experience of beauty, that the images will inspire and leverage your imagination.
I hope you will come to like my pictures because they are beautiful and attractive, or perhaps even sensual …
Just as plants in nature.

Welcome into my
Herbarium Digitalis

Allan was born in 1949 in Stockholm
Trained at Stockholm Photographic School
Has worked as a medical photographer, but also as portraiture, fashion and advertising photographer
Has from the beginning of the 2000s, exhibited his pictures from Skåne to Norrbotten,
in galleries and in greenhouses, in palace and in hut, wherever one wanted to see them …

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