All Them Witches comes to Sweden

By on September 23, 2018

All Them Witches forthcoming fifth album “ATW” is something of a natural reaction to the band’s growing popularity and the Tennessee band is ranked as one of the hottest rock bands right now. They have dared to challenge themselves, their sound, and take the band’s psychedelic blues rock to a new level. And on April 14, the Quartet returns to Sweden and Debaser Strand in Stockholm!

“They are the real deal – psychedelic blues-rock warriors who pray at the altar of Black Sabbath, space out like Pink Floyd and shred away their bummers like Blue Cheer.” – SPIN

We can only agree with SPIN in the description of the band. A band that has been honored and gone from clarity to clarity and, as album release, has grown into one of today’s most interesting blues rock bands. A band that rests on the basis of those who did it before – but with a very own and unique sound image.

From the upcoming album “ATW” we have already gotten the singles “Fishbelly 86 Onion” and “Diamond”, both promising extremely well for the long-awaited release. And this spring, All Them Witches will come to Sweden again!

Date 2019
14/4 – Debaser Strand, Stockholm

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Södermalm