Alice Cooper will be beheaded for the fourth time in Grönan

By on December 9, 2016

The first time was in 1975. Then it took until 2011. But after that he has come back, both as a solo artist in 2015 and in the company of the Hollywood Vampires 2016. It is becoming a tradition with guillotines and snakes on the Main Stage, but it belongs to when it is Alice Cooper who offers the show. In the summer he makes only two concerts in Sweden and 27 July he steps out again on Gröna Lund Main Stage.

When he began his career in the 70s was Alice Cooper pioneered the theatrical hard rock. With the goal to shock his audience with as much inspiration from horror movies from vaudeville and garage rock, he took the world by storm, and songs like “School’s Out”, “No More Mr. Nice Guy” and “Poisonhas made him a legend in the genre. His concerts are becoming something of a tradition at Gröna Lund and in the summer he makes just two gigs in Sweden. On 27 July at. 20:00 he is back in order to for the fourth time behead himself on the Main Stage.

There are few rock artists that offers a better visual show or bigger hits than Alice Cooper. For me, he has a standing invitation to play on our Main Stage. This concert will be one of the highlights of the summer, says Johan Tidstrand, Gröna Lund owners.

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