Alexander Sjögren compete for Sweden in the Bocuse d’Or

By on January 23, 2017

With just weeks to go before World Championship for cooks starts Alexander Sjögren trains on his dishes in a custom-buil kitchen at Grona Lund, identical with the kitchen that will be used that he is supposed to use in Lyon.

To get a medal place Alexander has to cook the best food in the world, one plate dish and one plate presentation for 14 people each. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Bocuse d’Or will the plate presentation this year consist of a classic Lyon dish on the Bresse chicken and seafood. The plate dish shall in turn for the first time ever to be a completely vegan dessert.

Bocuse d’Or has since its inception in 1987 been a source of inspiration and development of the gastronomic cuisine worldwide. When attention is again directed against Lyon the anniversary is celebrated by lifting both the city as the gastronomic developments throughout the world in recent years. The completely vegan dish should be inserted starting from fruits, vegetables, grains, seeds and legumes. No dairy or eggs are allowed.

– It is surprising and funny that the French now sticks their neck out and make a change that is in line with the developments we are seeing right now. It is incredibly exciting to work with vegetarian products throughout, something that will also be challenging for many of the contestants, says Henrik Norström, president of the Swedish Bocuse d’Or Academy.

In May last year Sweden’s representative, Alexander Sjögren won a bronze medal in the Bocuse d’Or Europe, Chef Championships in Budapest, which secured the place in the World Cup in Lyon in January 2017. Alexander Sjögren has throughout the past year totally dedicated all his time to race and train, right now daily to refine their dishes and meet time pressaure.

– I feel fortunate that I’m competing for Sweden just this year. There has already been an experience that I will never forget. I have daily been inspired and motivated by my team and had to develop myself in what I am most passionate about in this world. Now we hope that even the jury thinks I cook the world’s best tasting food, says Alexander Sjögren.

The contestants have been given a list of 146 ingredients to choose from to the vegan plate presentation. For it, they choose two ingredients that represent their own country. The dish may be hot or cold or both. For the plate presentation the competitor can choose from two Bresse on a weight between 1.8 and 2 kg. For the chicken, they have to select at least one seafood from a selection of lobsters, blue lobster, American lobster, crayfish and prawns. The plate dish shall also include three garniture and sauce.

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