Alec Benjamin releases the nostalgic “1994”

By on November 8, 2018

The American singer-songwriter Alec Benjamin is back with new music and releases his debut mixtape “Narrated For You” on November 16th. The new single “1994” is a blend of Alec’s growth during the 90’s and is currently available on all streaming services. In addition to “1994” there are also the earlier hits “Death Of A Hero”, “Let Me Down Slowly” and “The Boy In The Bubble” on the mixtape.

“a singer-songwriter whose voice breathes youthful innocence but whose narrative-led lyrics have a world-weary grasp of reality.” – Time Magazine

“24-year-old singer-songwriter whose lyrics standout in the sea of same-sounding tracks that often circulate around the pop sphere.” – PAPER

With over 100 million streams, Alec has become one of the world’s fastest growing artists. This summer, he went on his first own tour and sold out gigs in Los Angeles and New York. During the fall and winter of 2018, Alec will once again be on tour in the United States as before the premiere is completely sold out. In February, Alec will play in Europe with a stop in Stockholm on February 1st.

Listen to ”1994” here>>

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm