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By on January 9, 2018

Walk The Moon is the Ohio band that took the world by storm 2014 – in order to 2016 slide apart. A reunion was required for the bassist Kevin Ray’s wedding in October 2016 – when the members were reminded of the amazing energy they have together. This resulted in the band’s fourth album “What If Nothing”, November 2017 – which quickly became a success! Saturday, March 24, the band will come to Fryshuset in Stockholm! Finally!

Tickets will be released on Thursday, January 18th, at 10.00 am via

Challenge: Find someone who has not heard (= danced to) the world hit “Shut Up And Dance”. Go ahead, we can wait.

It was the song that took Walk The Moon from being a talented band from Cincinnati to becoming one of the world’s most beloved pop rock bands with concerts around the world.

The world lay for Walk The Moon’s feet. But in 2016, singer Nicholas Petricca’s father was severely ill in Alzheimer’s, which meant that the band had to canceled their tour, something they never thought they would do.

Petricca describes the forced break for Rolling Stone:
“In our time apart, we realized there had been some tensions between us. There was a lot to navigate before we could really come back together and make music”

It turned out that the band needed a break from each other – to find each other again. When bassist Kevin Ray married in Austin, Texas in October 2016, the band reunited. And they realized how much they missed each other – and above all: to create music together.

That feeling quickly transformed into something practical – and they gathered in the studio for what eventually resulted in the band’s fourth album “What If Nothing” – which has become a huge success already. With hits like “One Foot”, “Kamikaze” and “Headphones”, the band is now hotter than ever. And Saturday, March 24th, the band will come to Fryshuset in Stockholm! Finally!

24/3 – Fryshuset, Stockholm
The tickets will be released January 18th at 10.00 am via

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Stockholm