Albin Lee Meldau released the single “The Weight Is Gone”

By on February 15, 2018

Last Friday, Albin Lee Meldau released the single “The Weight Is Gone” – a song that shows his very own blend of classical soul and modern pop, with the song in focus. “His voice is breathtaking; filled with soul, power and impossible to ignore,” writes NPR, National Public Radio USA. And we can not but agree.

When you listen to Albin’s breathless beautiful songs, you also understand his driving force – telling stories – and that’s exactly what The Weight Is Gone is; a story. “That’s what matters in the long run. If I can achieve that, I am satisfied,” says Albin.

In 2016 Albin hit through with the song “Lou Lou” and has released two EP’s after that. In early June 2018, it’s time for the debut album, “About You”, from which the new single is taken from.

“The Weight Is Gone” was released at the same time worldwide, Albin has written it along with Daniel John Kyriakides (Shawn Mendez, Fifth Harmony et al.) And Jimmy Harry (Diplo mm) and for production, Bastian Langebaek (Jack Garratt, Jessie Ware ).

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music