Airport buses take over as Stockholmers favorite transporter

By on March 23, 2017

Airport buses pass the competition and takes home first place when Evimetrix allows 1150 locals speak on which of 19 transporters they are most satisfied with.

Last year was the Arlanda Express, which was the most popular transporter and the year before was the SAS, which was the winner, but this year goes Airport buses past both in the competition for Stockholm residents favor.

Since 2016 there is also a new entrant in the transport market – Uber – they came in second place last year and where they will remain even in the year.

The three most popular transporters:

– We are extremely proud that our customers have given us this appointment! It’s amazing to go from fourth to first place in just one year. It shows that the work we have done to improve the customer experience yielded results, says Camilla Tienso, marketing manager at Merresor and Airport buses.

The most important thing for the people of Stockholm to be satisfied with their transporter is reliability. You have to drive in all weather conditions and also on the times and places that it is expected to operate.

Not as important but still clearly contributing to customer satisfaction is the friendly and helpful staff and keeping low prices and / or have good deals. The transporters that gets the strongest reviews of Stockholmers on these parameters are:

Facts about the survey:

The survey was conducted between weeks 4 and 7, 2017, in Userneeds Internet panel. About 1150 locals have spoken out about 19 different transporters (train, bus, plane and taxi companies). The measurement covers the public over 18 years residing in the Stockholm county.

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