AI – The end of digital marketing as we knew it

By on May 23, 2018

We are happy to invite you to an exciting event about artificial intelligence (AI) and the future of digital marketing. SheSays Sthlm jointly host this event with Google and we have some inspiring panelists that will join us in the discussions.

What is changing? What is the challenge? Where is the opportunity? How can we ensure diversity and inclusion? These are some of the topics that will be explored by the panel.

In 2018, algorithms will increasingly power every aspect of our lives from voice recognition to self-driving cars and continue their steady transformation from healthcare to commerce. Customer data analysis, chat-bots, augmented reality, AI-enabled algorithms for SEO, image and voice recognition – these are only a few examples of AI that are disrupting digital marketing.

In order to stay relevant in this changing landscape, marketers start incorporating AI in their marketing strategies. But evidence shows that there is a risk of AI replicating the biases of the society that created them. What is there to know about AI and digital marketing so we could use the best of it to our advantage?

To get a spot at the event, » please register at the eventpage « (registration will open on 22 May) and you will get the ticket to your email.

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