Aéryne X Gina Tricot New Design Collaboration With Focus On Sustainability And Female Empowerment

By on September 26, 2019
Aéryne x Gina Tricot

Gina Tricot proudly presents the exclusive specially designed collaboration: Aéryne X Gina Tricot. The limited collection, is entirely made from leftover fabrics used to design unique fashion items. The collection is a tribute to women’s independence and the power of believing in yourself. It also brings us one step closer to a more sustainable fashion industry.

From leftovers to fashion – all of the fabric has been hand-picked and each garment is unique. Siri Vikman, founder of Aéryne, has created a specially designed collection for Gina Tricot and based on the concept of circularity in fashion, turned her ideas and sketches into reality at the factories where these garments are made. The entire collection has been made from leftover fabrics. The fashion chain has simply relied on already existing materials, rather than producing new ones. Production is on a small scale, since the number of garments that could be created has depended on the amount of leftover fabric for each particular item. The result is a more sustainable collection that feels new, exciting and original. Timeless pieces including suits, tops and dresses that will be long-time wardrobe favourites. Some of the items also display a unique symbol that has been designed to represent female strength and diversity, created by Lovisa Malmberg Gomis, Creative Director at Aéryne. We will see it in beautiful prints and as sparkling jewellery, like brooches and earrings.

“We met Siri during fashion week in Copenhagen, where the concept of collaborating to create something new, based on increasing circularity in fashion, was born. We share the same basic values, so designing a more sustainable collection that also celebrates women felt entirely right. Siri is an impressive woman and she knows how to empower and boost other girls. She runs her own brand in Paris and is a true role model. The living proof that no dreams are too big. Her designs are always feminine with a modern touch, which we love!”, says Anna Appelqvist, New Business Director at Gina Tricot.

Aéryne is a company by women, for women. It is modern, edgy and feminine design inspired by Scandinavian simplicity, Parisian individualism and self-confidence. Female empowerment permeates the entire brand and that applies to everything from the underlying values to the collections themselves and efforts to support female charity organisations.

“This has been an amazing collaboration, every step of the way. Inspiration for the collection comes from female role models of history’s Fempires, i.e. the women who have paved the way for us. I’m particularly fond of our lovely brooch! At Aéryne we have created a new business model, where the foundation is on-demand production using leftover fabrics. We’ve based the collaboration with Gina Tricot on a similar concept and I truly believe that this is the future for the fashion industry,” says Siri Vikman, CEO & Designer, Aéryne.

The focus of the collection campaign is female empowerment and more sustainable garments. The campaign features an inspiring super-trio consisting of: rising star and Swedish artist, Janice along with Monika Mellin, Design Manager at Gina Tricot and Siri Vikman, Founder and Designer at Aéryne. The campaign photos were taken in Siri’s and Gina Tricot’s hometown, Borås.

“We are constantly striving to find new paths forward in fashion. Creating garments from leftover fabrics is a fantastic idea that really appealed to us. It’s an entirely new way of working and we’re incredibly proud. We always strive to work with full transparency, which is why we printed the addresses to our factories and production units on the garment labels,” says Emma Garrote, Global Production & Sustainability Manager at Gina Tricot.

The limited collection, Aéryne X Gina Tricot, will be launched on 10 October 2019. It will be sold at seven selected Gina Tricot stores and online at ginatricot.com.

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