Adventurous Christmas Calendar becomes exhibition

By on December 21, 2016

The great experiment is the adventure-filled Christmas calendar where Beppe, Isac and Ellis were locked in Professor Primus top secret laboratory, and have to cope with 24 scientific challenges to be discharged. On December 26 becomes the recording site an interactive exhibition where the Technical Museum visitors get the experience and try some of the experiments.

Children’s TV host and science nerd Beppe Singer had an idea. Along with Viaplay he wanted to make an Christmas calendar filled with exciting adventures and scientific experiments, and record it at the Museum of Technology. With objects from the museum’s collections were built up recording environments, and in just 11 weeks played Nexico production in 72 Christmas Calendar section – 24 each for Denmark, Norway and Sweden. In the finished TV series are scenes from the Technical Museum’s magazine, cellars, exhibition rooms and elevators.

Some of the locations used for the filming has now been converted into exhibition, and just in time for Christmas vacation for Technical museum visitors the chance to step into the TV program’s real environments and try some of the challenges Beppe, Elli and Isac had to resolve to be released from Professor Primus laboratory.

The first thing visitors see is the hall of Professor Primus top secret laboratory. It is stately, yet there is a strange feeling in the room. The exhibition continues through Primus control room – full of buttons, levers and monitors. Next to that is the big door that locks into Beppe, Elli and Isac in the TV series. Inside can be seen a huge robot and lots of strange gadgets and gizmos. The next two rooms are experiments and challenges Beppe Singer and inventor Andreas Hammar developed specially for the exhibition visitors.
Some of the museum objects that is shown in The large experiment are two giant griffins of bronze, several radio transmitters previously used by Telia, a gas stove and various types of meters and control equipment.
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