Absolutely 90’s LIVE Da Buzz at Club Backdoor

By on October 6, 2019

Absolutely 90’s invites you to another decadent 90’s XXL party with space for over 1200 (!) Party kids, where no less than DA BUZZ celebrating 20 years as a group is on our little stage !!!

On Absolutely 90’s, Patsy Stone makes out with BSB-Kevin on the dance floor to the tones of “Barbie Girl” while Army of Lovers throws Buffalos on Ricky Martin. At the bar, the Pet Shop Boys run jello shotrace with Britney Spears. Leonardo DiCaprio asks the question “What Is Love” when Leila K enters the toilet queue. On the dance floor, all the dance steps to “Macarena” and Robinson Robban can always be “King of the Bar”.

Absolutely 90’s – An orgy of fabulous 90’s nostalgia! “The hits that God forgot but not the gays”

Live on stage Da Buzz

With super hits like “Do You Want Me”, “Alive” and “Dangerous”, the adorable duo has made their biggest tour summer ever this year with close to 100 stops! Da Buzz is also celebrating 20 (!) Years so this evening on the back door will be something out of the ordinary! We are 100% sure Per And Annika will make Backdoor boil!

Live Da Buzz at Club Backdoor Friday 11th October 2019!

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