About the youth’s killings in Klipp han on Dramaten

By on November 5, 2017
Therese Öhrvall

Our children shooting each other to death. Why? In Unga Dramatens and the Theater Fryshusets Klipp han, based on interviews with young victims and perpetrators from all over Sweden, participates the artist Rosh and the actors Lancelot Sakile Ncube and Lola Zackow. First performance at Lejonkulan on November 30th.

She: “Unfortunately, it’s as they say, squealer has no friends. And the tired fucking phrase kills our children while we are watching. While you are watching. While our politicians are watching.”

He: “If it had been about drugs or money or anything like that, we would have been able to solve it. But this is about blood, it’s not possible to solve … for us, it’s over.” (From Klipp han).

– 2016 was chaos, so many young people who fell victims in shooting. 2017 is already worse, and unfortunately, everything suggests that it will continue to increase in the future. This is our greatest social challenge today. As always, we work documentally, based on in-depth talks with both victims and offenders. Society has a responsibility to understand the complexity of this problem. There is no other option, we have to reverse this. But then we have to do it together, says Ulf Stenberg, The Theater Fryshus, who directs the set together with Emil Rosén-Adsten.

Klipp han is an insight straight into reality, in the killings that affect young people in the country’s exposed areas. Hear the stories from those involved in the shootings. How does one get a gun and shoot a child in his head? And how do you deal with crime victims knowing who killed one’s son, sibling or best friend without being able to say something to the police because of fear of vengeance?

By highlighting documentary stories from victims and perpetrators, an attempt is made to understand what forces are put in spin, how they affect us – and how to stop them.

The set is a collaboration between Teater Fryshuset and Unga Dramaten, which previously collaborated with the performance De e vi.

After each performance follows a conversation when the audience can ask questions and raise their own thoughts.

Lancelot Sakile Ncube
Lola Zackov

Director Ulf Stenberg and Emil Rosén Adsten
Choreography Emil Rosén Adsten
Music Rosh
Light Jesper Larsson

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm