About a school shooting in Lars Norén 20 November

By on October 19, 2016

Lars Norén’s acclaimed monologue about a school shooting comes to the Royal Dramatic Theatre. In the role we see David Fukamachi Regnfors. Dramatic Theatre premiere on 3 November.

“Sofia Jupithers set of “20 November“, with David Fukamachi Regnfors role interpretation, are luminous and, in its restrained form, the visibility of a terrible reality we often refuse to see DN

Sebastian is 18 years old and lost. He fits nowhere. Years of being ostracized and bullying have made him isolated. His place on earth, in society, in schools are becoming increasingly blurred, and the uncertainty is a frustration that pulsates faster and harder by the day. Something must be done.

“My actions
is simply the result
of your world
A world that would not let me
be who I am
You laughed at me”

20 November is at once a portrait of a lonely boy trying to restore its value, it is an insight into all of us – the human need to feel meaningful and listen to. The work came to a collaboration between Lars Noren and German actor Anne Tismer at a time when Germany made the wounds heal after a school shooting where several were injured and one died. The young offender Sebastian laid out the personal and emotional material on the net before he carried out his attack 20 November 2006.

“If I can not live with meaning
I will anyway
die with meaning

With Sebastian’s own texts as the basis wrote Lars Norén the play that premiered in 2007. Since then it’s been played over and over again in several different sets in many different countries, including Germany, France, Mexico, Greece, Spain, Portugal and Canada. For the first time, is the set 20 November now in Sweden.

20 November produced by Jupither Josephsson Theatre Company in collaboration with the Royal Dramatic Theatre and the city theater. The set had its premiere at the prestigious theater festival Festival d’Avignon in July, 2016.

The production is supported by the City of Stockholm.

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“A staging that affects everyone, regardless of age” SvD
“Regin is made with finesse and David Fukamachi Regnfors play with fragile destructiveness” Le Monde
“David Fukamachi Regnfors / Sebastian gives us the keys to understanding” La Provance
“Perfect, radical, rebellious, with rare finesse” Vaucluse
20 November raises extremely relevant and impactful issues” Toute la Culture

With David Fukamachi Regnfors
Director Sofia Jupither
Sets and costumes Erlend Birkeland
Light Ellen Ruge

Dramatic Theatre premiere November 3, Elverket

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