By on April 25, 2019
Eric von Otter, Kenya, ca 1920. Etnografiska museet

The Ethnographic Museum presents a unique photography exhibition both from a temporary and geographical aspect. Meet 36 photographers and hundreds of photos, all taken by Swedes traveling the world through the centuries.

The World Culture Museums have one of Sweden’s largest image collections and some of the photos are now shown for the first time at the Ethnographic Museum. The exhibition A WAY AWAY depicts Swedish contemporary photography as well as historical material, the pictures are taken from 1862 – 2018.

Several of the people behind the lens were not professional photographers but worked as, for example, writers, missionaries or architects. There is also a queen represented here. What they have in common is the passion for photography and that all pictures have been taken on the move with curiosity. The motives and stories, however, are widely different and span several genres.

A WAY AWAY depicts, among other things, contemporary nature photography, 60’s fashion at the pyramids, New York’s iconic night lights, portraits of Australian cowboys, black and white urban minimalism, Russian realism and much more. The motifs are as different as the people behind the camera.

A WAY AWAY opens on June 6 at the Ethnographic Museum and is produced by Landskrona Foto / Landskrona museum in collaboration with the Nordic Museum.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm