A unique retro-futuristic space game launched on Kickstarter

By on September 20, 2017

EXPEDITION ZETTA is a Universe exploration board game set in a retro-futuristic 1962, in an alternate history where warp drive technology was invented in the 1950’s. You represent a country that takes part in the maiden voyage of the first spaceship ever to use this new warp drive. The goal of the game is to collect discoveries in the four planetary systems you visit on your journey to distant galaxies. The player that brings home the most discoveries gets the most fame back on Earth and wins the game.

You generate planetary systems using a unique game component called the Zetta PSG (Planetary System Generator). The Zetta SSG is based on and weighted according to actual facts about stars, planets and galaxies in the Universe. It’s capable of generating as many different planetary systems as there are in the known Universe: 6×10²³!

Expedition Zetta is Ion Game Design’s second Kickstarter campaign, and the lead game designer Jon Manker’s game vision was to make EXPEDITION ZETTA a game of depth, epic adventure and joy.

”My ambition was to create a game that brings depth in the strategic challenges to a game enthusiast while at the same time being a joyful game experience to an inexperienced player. And this in a believable internal game universe based on real scientific facts.”

Play tests have shown that Expedition Zetta appeals to both board game enthusiasts and less experienced players.

Number of players: 1-5

Time required: 30-180 minutes

Recommended ages: 10+

Ion Game Design website: iongamedesign.com

Youtube: here>>
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Helena Olofsson, Movie & Game