A new challenge from En Svensk Klassiker

By on April 22, 2018

The Rosa Bandet race will be part of the new classic En Svensk Klassiker Korta.

– We are looking forward to welcoming everyone to a race in the joys and community signs, said Lidingöloppets General Secretary Tomas Hoszek.

En Svensk Klassiker Korta is aimed at girls and boys, young as well as less young. It is about that during one year to complete the classic race distances 30 km of skiing, 100 km of cycling, 1 km of swimming and 10 km of running. Total 141 km of fun challenge. The distances are the same as for Tjejklassikern, one of today’s most popular and appreciated classics.

The new classic starts at Vätternrundan and the premiere for the new race Vätternrundan 100 km. The Rosa Bandet race during the TCS Lidingöloppet weekend on September 30, will be the third race. Then awaits 10 hilly kilometers on beautiful Lidingö.

– En Svensk Klassiker Korta is a fun opportunity to perform a common activity, partly during the race itself, but perhaps mainly during the training for the different branches, says Lidingöloppet’s Secretary General Tomas Hoszek.

High mood is promised along the track, it will be live music, fun activities and a fantastic audience.

– En Svensk Klassiker wants together with the race promote motion, health and movement for everyone, these races are a big step towards it. Being able to offer En Svensk Klassiker Korta to friends, couples and families who want to go on a real challenge feels completely natural and right, says Michael Thorén, CEO of En Svensk Klassiker.

The race included in En Svensk Klassiker Korta and En Svensk Klassiker Tjej.

Cycling 100 km: Tjejvättern* | Vätternrundan 100 km
Swimming 1 km: Vansbro Tjejsim* | Vansbro Kortsim
Running 10 km: Rosa Bandet race
Skiing 30 km: Kristinaloppet* | Engelbrektshalvan | Tjejvasan* | KortVasan

*Race only for girls

Helena Olofsson, Training & Health | Lidingö