A knowledge center about the Baltic Sea at Skansen

By on November 12, 2016

Now is the first step on the road to a knowledge center about the Baltic Sea. The founder of BalticSea2020, Björn Carlson, takes the first sod on November 16 at 13.00 at Skansen.

Skansen 125 years combined experience nature and knowledge of animals and nature with culture, history and insights into people’s living conditions. Now comes the Baltic Sea in on Skansen through a unique partnership with BalticSea2020 who have worked to save the Baltic Sea since 2005. An inspirational and thoughtful knowledge center for the Baltic Sea will be built during 2017-2018.

It‘s interior with aquariums, exhibition areas, classrooms and laboratories. Visitors can take part in different habitats with varying salinity and conditions for fish and other species. Students gain insight into how sensitive the environment is and what can be done to save the sea in practical lessons.

Knowledge Centre will serve both as an educational hub for the school and an engaging location information to the public where we raise questions concerning this unique inland sea. The construction will be completed in the fall 2018th

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