A journey through cultural history

By on June 18, 2017

EkmanResor 1st Bussness Class arranges the autumn’s great trip to Krakow and Warsaw

Wednesday, September 27, 2017, EkmanResor 1st Bussness Class departs for a great autumn trip, with an experienceful and unforgettable 7-day stay in the historic and cultural cities of Krakow and Warsaw, Poland. Culture and history in abundance characterize the beautiful, former capital, Krakow; There are unique gems like the famous salt mines, the castle as well the landmark Wavel, and the Jewish Quarter with Oskar Schindler’s factory. The Polish capital Warsaw, which was severely bombed during World War II, has today been rebuilt to its full splendor and is today a politically and economically important metropolis in Europe. Urban tours in the towns are experienced partly on their own and partly through solid and giving guided tours. The trip to Poland is by bus.

– Poland is a country full of history. Although it is located across the Baltic Sea, there is much that differentiates our countries. It is imperative that you actually experience Poland in place to really understand how amazingly much culture there is to take in. For example, Krakow has Swedish ties through the connection with King Sigismund Vasa, who made the churches and castles breathtaking rocks and towers. The capital of Warsaw was completely destroyed in the last world war, but today the city is rebuilt in such a way that it can easily be called for one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. The stay in Poland will be a memory of life, says Johan Ekman, Founder and CEO EkmanResor 1st Bussness Class and EkmanBuss Flexibussity.

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