A greeting from Little Jinder

By on June 22, 2017

On June 30, Little Jinder releases the new single “Amy”, in connection with this she plays at Bråvalla and SVT, that evening, broadcasts a concert special from her gig at Vasateatern last spring.

When I saw the Amy Winehouse documentary, I fell like many others down in a black hole of hopelessness. I often think about how the world looks at women who feel badly public and may not be able to or just do not want to live especially conventionally. She continues to be honored for her music and genuineness in her lyrics, but she will always be first and foremost a crazy, tragic, darling. Hello world’s way of maintaining the masculine monopoly over the archetypal “rock and roll lifestyle”. Especially girls who do not always take social responsibility, and possibly look at some (according to other) kinds of boundlessness, is the worst world known. So, despite the fact that it feels like a watered down matter, it never ends feeling provoking current to me. As for the rest of the world’s creative population, music has always been a way of exploring and telling about itself, but apparently female identity is something that should always be designed to become attractive instead of listening. Recently, there was a guy who told me regarding that I’m recording my fourth album that I have to “do something new” that I’ve done that “broken-hearted emogirl-with-artstyle-whatever” now. I have to reinvent myself “with a twist” (what does it mean?). Then I thought of rock band and started laughing. Has anyone even changed t-shirt since 1983? It would be nice if you could be a subject in your own creativity and be respected for it sometime instead. So I did a song about it. RIP Amy. // Little Jinder

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