A Day of Hysteria at Downtown Camper by Scandic

By on October 6, 2019

Once upon a time, hysteria was a common medical diagnosis for women.

Although hysteria was categorized as a disease, the symptoms, the “mental disorders”, were synonymous with a normally functioning female sexuality – horny, nervous, sweating, irritating and “hysterical paroxysm” (orgasms) with many others. Masturbation, for example, could put you in a mental hospital. Hence the term hysterics for “afflicted women”.

We, Heja Livet, have created A Day of Hysteria, a day focused and concentrated on women’s health. Because we want to. Because we can. Because we need.

The concept was born by seeing the need here among you every day, among us. PMS hell. Birth injuries. Embarrassment of pleasure. Knowledge of endometriosis. Vaginal infections. The list goes on.

In this we will continue to break norms, shatter taboos and myths by inspiring, illuminating and enlightening. To help, we have some of the country’s foremost experts, role models and entrepreneurs on the subject!

Welcome to A Day of Hysteria – Saturday October 12th 2019 in Stockholm at Downtown Camper by Scancic.

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