A brand new apple variety has occurred at Skansen!

By on December 7, 2016

A brand new apple variety has occurred at Skansen and proved to be a fantastic good apple. It’s very rare according gardener Andreas Hellstrom that now will multiply the apple and create new trees of the variety.

Apple trees that generated by seeding can be developed in principle anyhow. All apple varieties we have today is grafted from a core drilling and are really the same apple known as the mother tree, said Andreas Hellstrom, gardener at Skansen. The chance of a seedling to become a good apple is very small.

So when Andreas Hellstrom decided to taste the apples hanging on a small tree above the Skansen Aquarium, he was not very hopeful. Wild apples are generally strive in taste or very acidic. But he was pleasantly surprised.

It’s a terrific good apple, he says. Sweetness, acidity and aroma are balanced. The flesh is firm and white, and it’s a very juicy apple. Moreover, it is beautiful to the eye, with red stripes on a yellow-white background.

Now he comes to graft new apple trees of the variety, which he also teaches in courses business at Skansen. It goes under the working titleSkansen and about three or four years, perhaps it might be possible to buy a small unique apple tree on any of Skansen markets.

On March 29 the course “Creating your own apple tree” is held at Skansen Hantverk & Slöjd and 8 April, you can learn more about the “Maintenance Pruning.

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