95 action-packed minutes

By on December 2, 2016

1883 met the audience at the Royal Opera in Stockholm for the first time the play Fedora with contemporary superstar Sarah Bernhardt. As the opera became Umberto Giordano’s Fedora quickly and often played after the first performance in 1898, although it receives the first Nordic premiere December 10, 2016 at the Royal Opera.

Fedora is a psychological crime drama in which every action has disastrous consequences. Opera is now up by Christof Loy who previously directed Rosenkavalier, Parsifal and the girl from the Midwest at the Opera.

“I feel great sympathy for Fedora as a struggling woman, because she is extremely vulnerable through its unmediated and risk-prone behavior”, says Christof Loy in Opera guides.

“This 95 minutes of the opera is hugely action packed. Things happen musically and scenically exactly all the time”, says the show’s conductor Tobias Ringborg.

The title role is sung by soprano Asmik Grigorian who made a success at the Opera as Madame Butterfly and won the prestigious Opera Awards 2016 in the category of Young Female Artist.

Fedora falls in love with her fiancé’s murderer (!) Loris, played by Andrea Caré, known for Stockholm audience for his portrayal of King Gustav III of A Masked Ball.

The opera was first performed in 1898 at the Teatro Lirico in Milan with the composer himself conducting, and with Enrico Caruso in the role of Loris as kreerade tenor aria Amor ti Vieta,” the number that Fedora has become best known for.

Giordano’s opera based on a play by Victorien Sardou. By its nature, the opera veristisk (after the Latin word veritas = true), the operatic style that was in vogue in the late 1800s with, among others Puccini and Giordano as the two main representatives. Sardou has for the posterity made itself best known for Tosca, which became opera by Puccini – another dramatic condensed opera about passion and sudden death.

If Sardou’s play was completely rewritten when it opened in the former opera house at Gustav Adolf Square, it has now taken 133 years before the opera Fedora return to the same placeand thus finally get Nordic premiere.

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