4000 years later, is the first woman back

By on November 19, 2016
The first woman who refused to abide was banished from Eden and is 4000 years later forgotten. Until now! In Linda Spåmans serial novel, we follow Lilith, the first woman that were, she that preceded the creation of Eve. The book was written by Linda Spåman, whose podcast Genuine Spåman was reviewed as one of the top five right now in DN. 

About the first woman:
The first woman is about the reviled, independent women and is based on the 4,000-year-old Epic of Gilgamesh, the oldest surviving text. There is a serie novel in which parallel we follow Lilith, the woman who was created from the earth at the same time as Adam, but that would not subjugate itself during her equal, and Linda, who because of a spontaneous smear may need to recapitulate 6000 years of togetherness, poor women , narrow roles and emancipation.

Linda, Lilith and all the other mythological and human women gives a summary of millennia of wasted time where it all still mostly boils down in an abortion (or thousand), cell changes and an endless tiredness before becoming castad as “40-year-old woman, strangled to deathin a TV movie about a summer murder. And in the middle of it all sits the uterus and biding their time.

Release date: 30/11

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