4 things you should NOT do – if you want to find love this summer

By on July 4, 2019

In Sweden, more than every other Swedish (55%) is seeking a serious relationship. And when it gets sunny, we get even more hungry for romance *. Summer offers fantastic conditions for starting a new relationship – it is only a matter of daring, according to Match’s dating expert Linnea Molander. Now she shares four things you should not do – if you want to find love this summer.

Being single is not always that easy. The singel life is filled with demands and expectations and often we may put most of these demands on ourselves. We tend to turn in and out of ourselves in order to adapt to our dates and become exactly the one that the date seems to want.

According to the dating expert Linnea Molander, this is exactly how we should not do. By thinking about what the other party prefers and wants, you create poor conditions for a sustainable and successful relationship, at least for one person – yourself.

Therefore, you should dare to be a little selfish and put yourself in the first place. “What?” We ask Linnea.

– Well, by not doing these four things, she answers:

Go on boring dates
If you go on a lot of boring dates, you will finally find that dating itself is boring. And in the end you will give up. But the solution to the problem is simple – end up going on boring dates! Don’t you like coffee break dating? Do not do it! A date is not bound to a particular format or activity. Take the opportunity to discover something new and fun together!

Over Think
When you stop going on boring dates, it suddenly happens that you are on a fun date. You text the next day, the date does not respond and you conclude that they did not like you at all. Directly. Then it turns out that the date certainly sat in an 8 hour long meeting with a tough customer and thought of your fun date to get through the day. Oops! You were worried unnecessarily.

Be so good at all times
When you date it is easy to get stuck in just showing their most well-polished and high-performing pages. You want to seem perfect to impress, because that is how we learned to do well. But when you date you should actually do exactly the opposite. You must show all that you have learned that you should hide and dare to be human, personal and vulnerable.

Save the mood
You are responsible for making 50% of the date enjoyable, no more! If the other person cannot fill their 50%, it is not your job to keep the conversation going and make sure it is not silent. Let it be silent, end the day and go home instead.

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