29/9-10/12 – Who is afraid of Virginia Woolf

By on August 2, 2017
Henrik Montgomery / Matilda Rahm. The picture is a montage.

The time is almost two at night and George wants to go to bed. But his wife Martha has invited a young couple at the after party – a handsome biology teacher and his little mouse to wife.

Sure, why not? After 23 years of marriage, George and Martha need crowds for their screwed humiliation games.

So when night goes to morning there are no secrets left to reveal. Or taboo to transgress – not even for Martha and George.

Edward Albees Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf is one of the really big modern classics who had the European Premiere at the Dramaten in 1963 with Ingmar Bergman as director. Now under the direction of Tommy Berggren who together with Bibi Andersson played the young couple in Bergman’s set.

Texted performances
• 17 October, 19.00
• 11 November 18.00
• 8 December 18.00

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