29/7 – Waterslide Obstacle Rush

By on July 23, 2017

This is perhaps the funniest obstacle course in the summer that you can go around by running or walking.

The course is 2.5 km long and you can choose whether to drive one or two laps. Whichever distance you choose, there are lots of fun experiences along the way, though two turns will be twice as fun. Waterslide Obstacle Rush is the only obstacle course that allows you to ride a bathing ring down a 140 meter long slide! Are you pumped?

The beauty of Waterslide Obstacle Rush is that you do not have to work out! Or yes, it is not possible. For who has a 140 meter water slide to practice in or giant inflatable obstacles at home?

Well, you can sleep on the couch right up to the current day.
You choose whether you want to go or run around, we do not take the time on you!

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