250-year cultural history in the spotlight

By on June 12, 2017

Now it is possible for researchers and interested public to get acquainted in Sweden’s national stage for opera and ballet – from 1773 to the present. For several years, the Royal Opera has digitized parts of its almost 250-year history with sketches, costumes and posters. On the web of Operan, the collective name for this will be the Archive. First out, the repertoire was launched on June 8th.

– We are constantly striving for the cutting edge and using new technologies to reach as many people as possible with our performing arts. For example, the Royal Opera 2008 was the first to broadcast opera and ballet live in Swedish cinemas, says Birgitta Svendén, CEO and opera manager of the Royal Opera.

– Making our business available through digital services is extremely important. Through the database we can reach more people and that the content of our unique archive now becomes more available feels very fun, she continues.

Helena Iggander:

– Making it possible to deepen in our story feels amazing! Our well-preserved archives and collections can tell infinite stories about us as a national stage and our art forms, says Helena Iggander archivist at the Royal Opera.

– Now we invite the public to take part in a fully stocked database of our repertoire. Here you will find information about performances, artists and artists who, through our nearly 250-year history, have been an important part of Stockholm’s cultural life, she continues.

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