2016 O’Neill Award to Melinda

By on October 15, 2016

The price should according to Eugene O’Neill awarded “highly deserving artists at the Royal Dramatic Theatre“. At an awards ceremony at the Royal Dramatic yesterday at 15.45 were handed out to the actor Melinda Kinnaman.

Melinda Kinnaman is currently working at the Royal Dramatic Theatre with acclaimed monologue I do not want to die, I just do not want to live, based on Ann Heberleins book of the same name.

You find her not where she just was. She shows us that the human is always somewhere else, different in every moment. She knows that the human becomes to its extreme points, at the border of what we do not know. She is the burning fire and hardest crystal, she is the wind shifts and the water’s coolness.
She is persistent and resistant as lead. And she’s fast and flexible as ether and mercury.
She knows that the most tender and softest game is closely related to the wolf’s claws.
And in the midst of the unbearable is a warm hand against the cheek.
What is theater if not the story about the human? And what would our stories about the the human be without Melinda Kinnaman?

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