20 million to a dome theater and VR Arena

By on February 2, 2017

Technical Museum receives 20 million from the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation to build a dome theater with the latest visualization technology for large-scale projections and a virtual reality arena. The goal of the new initiative is to bring children and young people‘s interest in science, technology, and computer games.

– On the Technical Museum we start from children and young people’s joy of discovery and with our new venture get the opportunity to explore technology in a completely new way. If we should be able to meet the future skill needs, we must strengthen children’s and young people’s technical confidence and inspire them to become tomorrow’s innovators, says Peter Skogh, Museum Director, Technical Museum.

In conjunction with its 100th anniversary announce the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation a donation of 20 million to the Museum of Technology in Stockholm. It is part of a national effort to increase interest in science and technology among children and young people. In total gives the Foundation SEK 150 million to the project Wisdome, where five science centers in the country are working together to develop and offer inspiring and unique experiences of science. The five institutions together reach 1.5 million visitors in the country, and has research partnerships with eight universities and colleges.

Dome theater and virtual reality technology makes it possible to explain complex situations and abstruse phenomena, and reinforces the Technical Museum’s role as a complement to the school classroom. The technology makes it possible to travel in time and space and to places or situations that would not otherwise be possible – into the infinity of the universe, or in among the brain’s synapses flashing. The first three productions will be about space, climate and the microcosm.

Technical Museum in Stockholm gets a completely new extension with the latest visualization technology for massive projections and virtual reality experiences of visualized science, technology and the arts, with a special focus on computer games. The museum will also collaborate with the City of Stockholm to develop the city as a visitor destination and place of establishment.

– The initiative helps to further position Stockholm as one of the leading cities in the world within the game and VR. It is especially pleasing with a focus on children and young people, said Finance Commissioner Karin Wanngård.

Cooperation with colleges and universities
An important part of the project is to provide colleges and universities unprecedented opportunities to showcase the latest research. In connection with the project Wisdome the Museum of Technology also signed letters of intent on cooperation with the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm University and the Karolinska Institute.

– This provides a unique opportunity for KTH to visualize scientific projects at the forefront of the public arena. It will be an interesting meeting between research, young children and business, says Sigbritt Karlsson, principal of KTH.

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